Z is for Zombie

Immagine (27)

Eventually I surrendered.
I have been overwhelmed by the supreme boldness of the lastest splattering ideas of the TRUE AMERICAN SCREENWRITERS, and I did it.
I confess to almighty God and to you, my brothers and sisters, that I’ve fully whatched the first two seasons of THE WALKING DEAD, after my initial rejection.

You may now notice that it’s pretty late, that the serie was released FOUR YEARS AGO (my, I’m getting really old), that the first two seasons aren’t that much exciting and so on.

But you must remember:
a) I’m ALWAYS late.
b) I write from the suburbs of information and entertainment, also known as Italy.
c) I’m easily affected.

Concluding, the credits for the title of the article go to Nick Miller (from “New Girl”) and his always inspiring novel.

Enjoy the strip responsably (which of course means MENTION THE SOURCE IF YOU USE IT) and always support Daryl.

Unless Daryl dies in the third season. Or in the fourth. OH GOD, DON’T TAKE DARYL, PLEASE.
In that case, pray for Daryl.
Unless he becomes a zombie.
In that case, shoot Daryl, then pray for him.


P.s.: half of the glory of this strip goes straight to Giulia, also known as Giuliapedia, who helped me writing it all in english.




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