For my non-italian friends

A post for my english friends

So, guys, it looks like I’m getting views from non-italian users, which: 1) looks inexplicable to me, but, whatever; 2) means I have to start making the blog a little more international/english-friendly. And this is quite problematic, because now you probably think all those very long articles in italian mean something important, but I assure you it’s all about me complaining, or me verbosely explaining something totally shallow for everyone else but me, or just random quotes that do not explain in any way my drawings. The point is that writing delirious texts in italian works quite well, but my critical period ended a few years ago whitout me being a native English speaker, which means it is harder for me to render my psychotic narcissism in an english-written form.
In conclusion: please don’t stop following the blog, I promise I’ll improve the english part AND I’ll send you candies.

Ps: the drawing is, as above, totally random BUT it has an English sentence in it which makes it very international in my distort vision of things.



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